Hiya. Sandwich pixel art

Zest is returning, but it will be a while. I'm rebuilding every aspect of the TCG from the ground-up—except the cards.

Potential questions

Wait, who are you again?

Effy. You might also know me as Liz. And I go by Jane everywhere else! I have a blog—Janepedia, if you're interested!

Other places to find me:

What progress have you made already?

I'm at the point of announcing minimal details, haha. XD I haven't coded anything as of July 2018, except for what you see here. The gameplay is developed, though; I've never seen anything like it, but inspiration comes from board/card games, digital games, and—dare I say it—television.

Do you have an estimate for when you'll be ready for staff/donations/members?

Nope. I'm taking this project slowly. I'm coding my own TCG management system because I'm not into the other options out there, and that takes a bit of time.

Plus, I'm trying to balance the rest of my life this time around. I didn't do that so well before, because I was young and dumb.

Should we still keep our cards?

If you want to, be my guest. However, all players will be required to start over. In this new version of Zest, cards will not be at the center of the game (e.g. determine levels, etc.).

Will we be rewarded for previous donations?

This is really hard to keep up with! There will be a special gift for veteran members of Zest who can prove their membership (e.g. member card) if I can't find record of it in what little I have from the files. It'll probably, at most, be like an extra starter pack, with a "Veteran" title to your profile.

Can you pleaseee give spoilers?

I don't want to jinx anything like I have in the past; it really just overwhelms me. In developing a better gameplay this round, I went in with the following:

What about feedback?

Instead of asking for feedback from the whole community while in development, there will be plenty of time to provide feedback during Prejoin, if you happen to join.

I do feel it's important to note that some gameplay aspects will be non-negotiable. I'm expecting a bit of kickback due to how the entire game will operate, but I'm a risk-taker in the blogosphere and by people who know me, so…I'm not too worried.~

Okay, but what about that sci-fi TCG?

Well, I still have to code my own TCG management system. ;) Let's talk after Zest is up and running and I'm not pulling my hair out every single update. XD